Freedom is a true story about a tenacious, adventurous socialite who while immersed in a complicated divorce meets a down-and-out cowboy in Las Vegas. She runs away from a privileged life in the city to live with the cowboy on a ranch in Oklahoma where, despite numerous obstacles, she stays for thirteen years. The nonfiction book was creatively written from a woman’s point of view. It delivers an innovative and intelligent variation on the modern-day western theme. Farewell to Freedom is a true story based on the writer Anita Waggoner’s unique life experiences. Farewell to Freedom involves complex characters and their inner struggles. The character’s interpersonal relationships will contribute to the books success. It’s a true story of survival and true grit and follows in a successful line of popular western-themed dramas. Like many books in this genre, the story focuses on the reader’s undying fascination with cowboys, the sport of rodeo, bull riding, romance and the western way of life. Adult men and women readers alike will be empowered and captivated by Anita Waggoner’s uncanny ability to tell it like it is.


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  • "Not everyone who writes gets why Ernest Hemingway or John Steinbeck were such revered authors, but Anita completely understands what makes a good storyteller. I wish she had become an author before her first book in 2010. Then again, all her life experiences were important for her to pen her successful works. A good storyteller must capture the reader on the very first page. She does, and then she goes on to produce a captivating plot with intriguing characters. She creates early on the themes with which she deals consistently and uses direct dialogue to develop her characters and their actions. Her vocabulary portrays vivid descriptions of her surroundings, and she makes the reader feel right there where the action is taking place. Everything she writes about can be visualized. Anita has amazing talent as a writer. She has not only published novels but short stories and books of inspirational quotes and self-help. She has more work out there than what Amazon has listed...a prolific writer in such a short time. She is a woman to be admired!"