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Time is fleeting. Don’t waste your time on anger or regrets. Life is short so be happy. If you want change you need to change things. There are some memories that time won't erase. It may be time for a little fun in your life! That's what I'm thinking! Keep on smiling! As time rolls by... it's never to late to get where you want to be... After all... all we have is time. Or do we?

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FREEDOM a story of TRUE GRIT...

Enjoy listening to the demo video and Joni Harms song Unfaithful... created for the Freedom film.

FREEDOM a story of true grit... Unfaithful - YouTube


Anita was thrilled to work with Joni Harms on the Freedom song! Joni created an award winner. Unfaithful could win song of the year at the CMA’s! Sad song but true. Joni managed to capture my Freedom story in the song she calls Unfaithful!

I love you to the moon, Joni! Anita

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