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Mother’s Day gives us an opportunity to honor our mothers… to thank them for giving us life, raising us and being our constant support.

My mother Ida Ellen Moomaw Waggoner Evans was born on March 21, 1921 and died in September 1973.

No one was as affectionate and lovable as my mom! She was appreciative and sometimes times blunt. After losing her young husband and my father when I was three, my mom was both mother and father to me.

She was oftentimes my best friend. I shared with her the nitty-gritty of life. We had many serious discussions. As a teenager, she listened and understood my insecurities. When I grew up and moved faraway, we talked often on the telephone and exchanged long letters. Our close relationship tolerated the distance between us.

Small battles were often followed by showers of unconditional love. Even when at times I felt maybe she didn’t like me, I always knew she loved me. We couldn’t live without each other. My life changed forever when I was 27. Cancer took my mom away.

She was the most important person in my life. Her teachings have contributed to who I am today. She showed me love and taught me patience. As I became a mom, I come to appreciate the energy it took for her to be my mom.

Ida was a beautiful creature inside and out. She was there through good and bad. She believed in my efforts, usually without question.

My mom was never the sweet-sugary type, she was a cowgirl at heart. She was rarely short tempered, but when she was “Betty bar the door”. I know she was the best mom she could have been with the cards she was dealt. Above and beyond the life circumstances she faced, I know she loved me.

Ida was creative, impulsive, free, spirited, emotional, loving and daring. She encouraged me to live my best life. Being a risk taker herself, my mom expected the same from me. Those who knew her loved her. I loved her too.

Rest in Peace Ida Ellen. I know you are one of God’s Angels!

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