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While I have recently focused on my Freedom film ... once that goal is accomplished, I plan to produce another film based on my book The Life Lies and Legend of a Gambling Man. My books are all based in part on my authentic life stories.

The Life Lies and Legend of a Gambling Man covers some of the history of gaming in Las Vegas and takes you to modern day online gaming. I spent several years involved in an online gaming venture.

The character Ellie is somewhat based on my personal experiences. Available on Amazon. Another great read for these dog days we are experiencing. Enjoy!

FREEDOM is an award winner for Best Fiction!

Freedom is Anita Waggoner’s true story.

A maverick, Anita is an outgoing, strong independent woman who has accomplished a lot in life.

She has an uncanny ability to overcome life’s obstacles by sheer persistence.

Anita Waggoner has a great foundation and the ability to show others how to overcome hurdles and disappointments in their own lives.

She has written several books, short stories, poetry; and screenplays. Her books are for sale on this web site and on Amazon.

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FREEDOM a story of TRUE GRIT...

Enjoy listening to the demo video and Joni Harms song Unfaithful... created for the Freedom film.

FREEDOM a story of true grit... Unfaithful - YouTube


Anita was thrilled to work with Joni Harms on the Freedom song! Joni created an award winner. Unfaithful could win song of the year at the CMA’s! Sad song but true. Joni managed to capture my Freedom story in the song she calls Unfaithful!

I love you to the moon, Joni! Anita

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