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Anita Waggoner is a preliminary winner in the Creative Awards International Screenwriting Competition

Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho – August 2, 2021 – Former Omak resident, Anita Waggoner was recently named a 2021 Preliminary Finalist in the Creative World Awards international screenwriting contest for her screenplay Freedom. The captivating screenplay was inspired by her award-winning novel Freedom.

Creative World Awards (CWA) discovers and advances talented screenwriters while providing valuable feedback and an opportunity to garner the recognition they need to propel their projects forward. At CWA, finalists get first looks from some of the most sought-after companies in the industry such as Lionsgate/Mandate International, Inferno Entertainment, Morgan Creek, and others. The competition plays a critical role in connecting emerging talented writers with companies and individuals in the industry looking to develop and produce film projects.

Anita Waggoner was born and raised in Omak. She is the granddaughter of Omak rodeo legend Leo Moomaw. A professional with an entrepreneurial spirit, Anita has been involved in many successful business ventures since leaving her hometown for Seattle in the late sixties. She moved to Skagit County, Washington in 1986 where she and her ex-husband owned a variety of car dealerships. After going through a difficult and long divorce, the lady with a “pioneering” spirit, ran away from the heartbreak to live in the small country cow town, Freedom, Oklahoma.

She purchased a 3400-acre ranch and opened a western guest lodge and restaurant. Together with her local Freedom cowboy partner, Marvin Nixon, Anita raised famous rodeo bucking bulls. She was a stock contractor for the PBR from 1996 to 2009. When her restaurant burned to the ground in 2009, she sold her Freedom ranch to Jerry Nelson from Winnie, Texas. Frontier Rodeo Company’s rodeo stock now wander over the vast ranchland where Anita’s Rocking A bucking bulls once roamed.

Anita Waggoner presently lives in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho where she maintains a dedicated interest in writing and producing award winning film projects. The film Freedom is presently in development and will soon be filmed and produced in the State of Oklahoma.

Anita’s true story Freedom is one of pure grit and survival. 

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The Freedom Film

Project is

presently in


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Winter/Spring 2023.



          Freedom is an Americana tale of pure romance, strife, bull riding, alcoholism, deception, heartbreak, survival, and hope. This modern-day western drama adapted from the true story Freedom by Anita Waggoner.


          Some may see this film as the ultimate female character driven film, but it’s much more.


          Cheyenne meets Rowdy, an Oklahoma cowboy in Las Vegas during the National Finals Rodeo and they form an unusual bond filled with complication, joy and tragedy. Their relationship gives testament to the endurance and power of true love.


          Rowdy sees Cheyenne’s wealth a means to keep his ranch and fledgling bucking bull business afloat.

Living on Rowdy’s run-down ranch takes Cheyenne some getting used to, as does the rough and tumble country lifestyle.

          Cheyenne falls for the hard-living cowboy believing it’s her last shot at happiness. The doomed romance somehow inspires her. Eventually, Cheyenne questions everything she’d expected to find in Freedom. In the end, she’s determined to do what she believes she must do to find true happiness.

          Rowdy becomes a broken-down cowboy who's had one too many drinks way too many times. He tries and fails to stop drinking and find salvation while Cheyenne worries that his self-destructive lifestyle will send him to an early grave. Rowdy’s drinking escalates,. His chances of giving up the bottle, become an impossible long shot. 


          "Not everyone who writes gets why Ernest Hemingway or John Steinbeck were such revered authors, but Anita completely understands what makes a good storyteller. I wish she had become an author before her first book in 2010. Then again, all her life experiences were important for her to pen her successful works. A good storyteller must capture the reader on the very first page. She does, and then she goes on to produce a captivating plot with intriguing characters. She creates early on the themes with which she deals consistently and uses direct dialogue to develop her characters and their actions. Her vocabulary portrays vivid descriptions of her surroundings, and she makes the reader feel right there where the action is taking place. Everything she writes about can be visualized. Anita has amazing talent as a writer. She has not only published novels but short stories and books of inspirational quotes and self-help. She has more work out there than what Amazon has listed...a prolific writer in such a short time. She is a woman to be admired!"